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We are a premier Wedding, Lifestyle and Event photography company based in Maryland. Our team of talented photographers have over 20 years of photography experience. We are truly students of our craft with a passion for what we do. Working with each individual client provides us the opportunity to create something unique and amazing. We constantly challenge ourselves to produce a new and innovative product to excite our clients.  

Anaya Photography was created in 2005 with the goal of providing a unique alternative for wedding photography in the Baltimore metropolitan area. We have been able to grow and expand to provide services for many different occasions, private photo shoots and even commercial opportunities. Our services are now requested and offered across many states and countries.  

It is our privilege to work with our clients to provide personal services that exceed expectations. We look forward to working with you on the photography services you need.



Principle Photographer 

Photography started off as a fun hobby for Tierre, an excuse to buy equipment and learn about what it was capable of doing. He started taking pictures as a curious kid, but he never fancied himself an 'artist'. An Engineer by degree, he has always found interest in math, science and technology. As he quickly learned, photography was the perfect way to combine his interests into a new passion.

Beginning around 2003, Tierre began getting serious about taking pictures for other people and in 2005 decided to step into the wedding arena, working under other photographers in the area. He has always considered himself a sponge, trying to absorb everything he could so he could learn and get better at whatever he was doing. He applied this approach to his photography as well, looking at it as a technical problem to be solved, figuring out things as he went along and applying the techniques and tools he learned along the way.

It became apparent that this technical problem also came with some rewards... The joy and happiness that is captured during what can be the most exciting day of a person's life. "From certain aspects, weddings are easy. People are the happiest they have ever been, and all I have to do is document that genuine passion and emotion on someone's face", says Tierre. That's what this is for him, a way to capture and document genuine emotions, to see and anticipate what is unfolding in front of you but only lasts for a brief moment in time. Tierre believes anyone can take a picture, but what is it a picture of? Tierre's images tell a story, whether it's the love story of a wedding, the happiness a family feels together, the excitement of graduating, or just the joy someone felt on a bright sunny day and they wanted to document how good they felt. "If my image can invoke emotions in the person looking at the image, then I've done my job".

Tierre remains a student of his craft. He gets inspired by studying other artists and using that inspiration to take his craft to another level. He constantly pushes himself to do something better, to learn a new technical skill, or learn people in a different way so he is able to make them comfortable and relaxed in front of the lens. "Most people are camera shy, but I want to make them comfortable with me and with the camera, so they can relax and enjoy the experience".


Principle Photographer

For Corey, photography is his passion - plain and simple. Close friends would say he's had a camera in his hands for as long as they can remember. Photography is his life. His love of the art started at a young age and developed into the passion he has for it today. Corey initially viewed photography as a fun hobby. As he harnessed his talents, he recognized that he had a unique gift to share... the gift of capturing the delicate human emotion. This talent is demonstrated best through images that capture the tender moments of matrimony. Whether it is a single tear of joy, or the lost expression of a future unknown, Corey has the ability to artistically present that moment for years to come. 

Corey began taking pictures nearly two decades ago as a freelance commercial photographer. Although he enjoyed this genre, it didn't satisfy his soul as much as wedding photojournalism. This provided Corey the creative outlet that he has longed for in his work. Corey's innate ability to see the world in a way few can, is only a small part of what makes his talent truly remarkable. His goal is to share this view of the world through his photography. Introducing a mix of high fashion photojournalism and traditional photography, his images are sure to impress the most challenging couple.

Corey believes that some of the best photos are candid. As a result, he has the ability to anticipate movement. His inherent knowledge of light and photogenic angles helps him produce truly amazing images, merging light, emotion and passionate sincerity.

Each wedding is a unique occasion that is sometimes exhausting, but always deep in feeling. Corey truly takes pleasure in capturing the moments that tells your personal story. Again, he captures timeless images that will be cherished by generations to come.

Corey now lives in Maryland and when he is not taking pictures, you can catch him admiring the works of other artists and learning from their varied experiences.

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