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Invoice Number APINV-0339
Invoice Date January 29, 2021
Due Date January 31, 2021
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Invoice is for Zoom technical support services for the Queens2Bees January 2021 Speed Coaching event taking place on Saturday January 30, 2021.

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceSub Total
2.5 Monthly Meeting Online Technical Support

Technical Support for Monthly Online Speed Coaching Program

~ Zoom meetings lasting approximately 2.5 hours each month
~ Technician available 30 minutes before meeting start time for meeting preparation
~ Starts with large open forum and switching to smaller breakout rooms
~ All participants will be in remote locations
~ Will utilize existing paid Zoom account
~ Be responsible for all technical aspects, including running the sessions
~ Troubleshoot any technical problems for the trainers during the sessions
~ Monitor the chat box during the sessions, and field any questions to the trainers (if applicable)
~ Work with the session hosts to help troubleshoot technical problems for the participants

Sub Total $187.50
Tax $0.00
Paid -$187.50
Total Due $0.00